Wednesday, March 14, 2012

God Is The Only Thing That Can "Mbush"

I met with my friend last Wednesday evening to discuss what she had been learning from her Bible.  She told me that she has been reading her Bible for several hours each evening, and that she has started praying and asking God for help.  She talked about how she realizes her sin and has repented of it, and how she told God that she wants to follow Him.  She has been excitedly telling her friends and family about her new faith.  In her own words, "Everyone wants money, possessions, and relationships, but it's all 'kot' [vain] and God is the only thing that can 'mbush' [fill].  People don't say thank-you to God enough."  She also said that she has always been different from her friends because she wants to know why we're here, what the point of life is.  She had gotten a philosophy book from her school library in an attempt to answer her questions.  But when she began reading the Bible, she returned the philosophy book because she knew she had found the truth she was looking for.

I am still completely in awe of the faith God has given her.  Her understanding and insight put me to shame.  I often feel like she is teaching me more than I am teaching her!

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