Monday, March 5, 2012

God is Doing Amazing Things!

I just spoke on the phone with my friend again today, and what she said is exciting enough to warrant another post!

When she called, she asked for an explanation of a verse, and then told me that she has continued to read through the Bible and has been learning so much.  She said that she's been "asking Jesus for help."  She is so enthralled in the Word of God, and is so excited about all that she is learning.  I am completely in awe of how God is working in her life!  His Word is alive and powerful, and it is speaking to her heart.  Other than bringing her to church and giving her the Bible, I haven't really had any serious discussions with her about what it means to have faith in God.  But He has really been working in her and preparing her.  It just shows how powerful He is, and how little He needs my help!  His Word speaks for itself!  I feel like she has learned more from reading the Bible on her own the past two days than many people have learned about God in their whole lives.

 I am going to meet with her on Wednesday to talk about it all, which will hopefully lead to her making a decision for Christ.  Although, she may have already made the decision herself!  I don't think she has ever heard salvation and faith in Christ spelled out the way I would like explain it to her, but she certainly believes in God and sees her need for Him.  I may be able to explain some things to her, but God has already done the most important work.  He has gotten a hold of her heart in a way that I cannot even understand!

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