Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rozafa Castle

On the way to the conference last weekend, we stopped at Rozafa Castle in Shkodra.  I have always wanted to see a real castle, so this was an exciting experience for me!  My uncle is currently translating into English an Albanian work of literature about the castle.  He is the expert on all things involving the castle and the Siege of Shkodra, so he gave us lots of interesting information as we toured the castle. 

Rozafa Castle is one of the most well-known and beloved landmarks in Albania.  The original fortress is estimated to have been built around 350 B.C., and the castle as it stands today was built in the early Middle Ages.  Rozafa Castle got it's name from a popular Albanian legend in which a woman named Rozafa allowed herself to be buried in the walls as a sacrifice so the fortress would stand strong and protect the city.  Rozafa Castle is also well-known because of the siege that took place there in the 1500's.

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